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Jukka Hellgren

Managing Director, Oy Culmentor Ltd.

Jukka is one of the company’s founders and main owners. Jukka is in charge of Culmentor’s management and commissions related to energy investment projects.

Jukka has participated in nearly all Culmentor’s commissions and projects, acting often as the project manager. In the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear plant project Jukka acted as AREVA’s consultant.

Before founding Culmentor, Jukka worked in the construction business, especially in investment and demanding concrete structure projects on the energy sector.

Jukka’s main hobby is playing basketball.

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Heidi Honkanen

Senior Expert, Partner (MSc, geography)

Heidi is Culmentor’s EU funding expert. Heidi joined the company in 2006 and has since then been in charge of managing and implementing our EU-funding related commissions.

Heidi is a specialist in international projects and has written and consulted numbers of grant-winning applications for different consortiums and funding programmes.

Before Culmentor Heidi worked with projects in the Regional Council of North Karelia, Finland, and completed a traineeship in the European Commission / Directorate General Regional Policy, Brussels.

Heidi is an experienced dressage rider and spends a great part of her free time with horses and in riding competitions as a judge, rider and coach.

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Jarkko Enqvist

Managing Director, Culmentor AB, Sweden

Jarkko has participated in Culmentor’s activities since 2002 in Sweden, first as an external expert and from 2011 on as the Managing Director of Culmentor AB.

Jarkko is very experienced in tasks related to sales, marketing and project training and internationalising businesses. He has worked as an entrepreneur and with EU projects since 1997, prior to which he worked in the marketing and training sectors.

Jarkko spends his freetime e.g. with ice swimming in winter time and with boats and motorcycles during the summer.