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Expertise for leading construction projects

Culmentor has long experience in implementing construction projects e.g. in the energy sector. For investment project implementation we offer project design, tender preparation, realisation support and installation and construction supervision.

With our collaborating partners we could offer wide-ranging expertise and support.


ERT -measurement based solution for modelling concrete and soil structures

  • Dams
  • Hydroelectric power plants
  • Reservoirs
  • Underground water pockets
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Comprehensive expert services

Chemigate investment on new modification plant

We offer services for construction projects with strong expertise. Culmentor has the following RALA certifications:

- Construction services

- Design

Drone-based construction site monitoring:

We offer drone-based construction site monitoring, which provides detailed information and enables visualization of the site progress. The monitoring is done at intervals agreed upon with the client. We have EASA certification for A1/A3 drone licenses.

Explore our reference projects


Pankakoski power plant smolt catching device and downstream passage
  • Finland’s first smolt catching device and downstream passage was constructed in the river Lieksanjoki, at the Pankakoski hydropower plant.

  • Pankakoski power plant


Inkeroinen hydropower plant: ERT measurements
  • Investigations at hydropower plant with ERT measurement technology. Search for leakages in the dam.


Porvoo thermal battery for district heating
  • New production plant for polysaccharide processing in Lapua. According to Chemigate, with this project, the company will expand their production and raw ingredient selection into a new area. The project will enable implementing end-user innovations designed for replacing oil-based products and sources of microplastics, for example.


  • The recycling station is self-sufficient in energy for part of the year. Self-sufficiency has been implemented with geothermal and solar energy. The recycling station is also self-sufficient in domestic water, as the rainwater is collected from the roof and purified by reverse osmosis to be used as domestic water.


  • New production plant for polysaccharide processing in Lapua.


  • New 10 000m³ thermal battery and boiler for district heating.


  • Landfill closure was implemented by sealing the landfill and shaping the grounds. Building the infrastructure for water management, methane collection and logistics.

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