Culmentor – comprehensive services for projects

Oy Culmentor Ltd., founded in 1999, is an acknowledged expert in EU-funding and project-based activities.

On the construction sector, we have provided services e.g. for energy sector investment projects. We are searching for new partners for Joint Venture projects, especially for energy sector.

Culmentor has successfully taken part in an extensive range of research and development projects of varying complexity, including consultation and writing of several grant-winning proposals for various EU and national funding programmes. Our clients come from both public and private sectors.

Our personnel consist of professionals who have long and multi-sectoral, complementary experience from national and international projects and business, project management expertise and are fluent in the Finnish and English languages.

Through our networks we can help our customers to find collaborators and customers for projects and business.


Jukka Hellgren

Managing Director, Oy Culmentor Ltd

Jukka is in charge of Culmentor’s management and commissions related to energy investment projects.

Contact info: jukka.hellgren(at), +358 40 760 1447

Heidi Honkanen

Senior Expert, Partner (MSc, Geography)

Heidi is Culmentor’s EU funding expert. Heidi joined the company in 2006 and is in charge of managing and implementing our EU-funding related commissions. Heidi is a specialist in international projects and has written and consulted numbers of grant-winning applications for different consortiums and funding programmes.

Contact info: heidi.honkanen(at), +358 40 591 5340

Jari Tirri

Senior Expert

Jari has over 30 years’ experience from demanding infrastructure and concrete construction projects, he has successfully led several hydropower plant renovations. At Culmentor, Jari is responsible for construction projects.

Contact info: jari.tirri(at), +358 50 478 1955

Jaakko Seppälä

Senior Expert (MSc (Tech))

Jaakko has over 30 years of experience from civil engineering, entrepreneurship, environmental technology and from EU projects e.g. as an evaluator. Jaakko’s expertise in international business is strong, especially on Scandinavian, North American and Russian markets. At Culmentor Jaakko works on civil engineering projects and EU funding consultation.

Contact info: jaakko.seppala(at), +358 400 804 156

Eero Pykäläinen

Site Manager

Eero has worked in construction industry for over 40 years. He acts as a Site Manager in Culmentor’s civil engineering projects.

Contact info: eero.pykalainen(at), +358 40 583 1463


Olli Hellgren, Site Engineer, olli.hellgren(at), +358 50 475 6600