Training for EU project activities and project and quality management

We provide training for EU project-related activities and project and related project quality management, as client-specific consultancy and also through tailor-made courses for our clients’ special needs.

Our EU project training enhances the organisations’ knowhow on participating in international development projects. The main aim of the training is to strengthen the client’s knowledge of EU funding possibilities and to provide tools and competences for participating in international collaborative projects. Examples of training packages:

  • Project administration and reporting
  • Funding programme specific training
  • Proposal writing
  • Management of large and small international EU projects
  • Proposal preparation with a large international consortium: Simulation training

The project management training covers the entire lifecycle from formulating the project idea to final closure of the project and evaluating the results. Based on the client’s needs, training may focus on

  • Enhancing the project manager’s competences for successful project implementation
  • Providing the client organisation with new tools for more systematic project work

The training for companies participating in investment projects is always tailored according to the client’s specific needs. Examples of topics for training courses:

  • Understanding client needs and taking them into account in tender preparation procedures
  • Basics of nuclear power construction projects for organisations participating in, or planning to participate in them.
  • Taking into account the specific requirements of nuclear power projects in the organisation’s quality documentation processes

The duration of our training courses varies from brief info-sessions to 2-3 day courses.