Ecotelligent Oy developing wood-structured telecom towers wins H2020 grant

Ecopol towerTelecom towers are common elements in our environment and in the future, their number is expected to grow globally. Ecotelligent Oy offers a wood-structured alternative to the traditional towers often made of steel. Ecotelligent’s 30-40 -meter high towers are hollow in the core, so cables and different equipment can be installed there, safe from weather and vandalism. Being esthetical and ecological, the wood material has proven to be interesting for telecom operators and also for cities, who want to offer pleasant environments for their inhabitants.

Now the innovativeness and potential of Ecotelligent’s products has been recognized also on European level – the company won a grant from Horizon 2020 SME Instrument in the summer 2019. In the funded project, Ecotelligent aims at strengthening its market knowledge and visibility among potential customers in Western and Central Europe.
Culmentor supported Ecotelligent in creating the successful project proposal.

Further information:
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