In AQUAREL, each partner’s role and participation in the activities of the project are based the organisation’s special know-how and the needs to increase its knowledge and skills.

Culmentor_logoOy Culmentor Ltd. acts as the AQUAREL Lead Partner and coordinates the management of financial and content-related issues. As a public development funding and R&D project specialist, Culmentor has a strong role in identifying the public funding sources for aquatic material based energy production in the programme area. Culmentor will also actively disseminate the project results to the target groups.
Jukka Hellgren, jukka.hellgren(at)

keeclogo“Energy Efficiency Center” (KEEC) provides expert resources to cover search for innovative and efficient solutions to recycle bio-waste and produce biofuels; development of an AQUAREL-concept of bio-waste recycling, biofuel and green energy production. KEEC efforts are directed to the examination and testing integrated solutions for energy and biofuel production based on aquatic bioresources with water purification technologies as well as to demonstration of the developed waste collection, treatment and logistics solutions and energy production in Karelia. It will also take care of financing possibilities investigation, incl. those available in Russia and of biofuel standardization and certification matters.
Alexey Smirnov, kaeec(at)

krc_Karelian Research Centre (KRC of RAS) will coordinate the research part of the project. It is mainly to contribute to assessment of potential to utilize marine and freshwater bioresources for “green” energy and biofuel production; assessment of the feasibility of integrating the solutions for energy and biofuel production based on aquatic bioresources with water purification technologies.
Igor Shevchuk, shevchuk(at)

ecofosterEcofoster Group Ltd. is a Finnish company based in city of Oulu. In the Aquarel project Ecofoster Group’s contribution will be environmental expertise and it’s experience in the cross border cooperation between Finnish and Russian organisations. Ecofoster’s role is general planning of fish waste utilization and pilot processing plan and supervision.
Jaakko Seppälä, jaakko.seppala(at)

vilia_Vilia Ltd. is Kostomuksha based company that has operated earlier at assembling industry. Vilia has an interest and possibilities to expand its operations to use biomaterial as heat energy source. Vilia will participate in pilot project when collecting the raw materials and when testing the use of biofuels for example in heat production purposes.
Tatjana Moilanen, vilia(at)

lut_Lappeenranta University of Technology is responsible for studies concerning waste treatment and production of biofuels and energy from waste materials and biomass. LUT Environmental technology laboratory has implemented numerous research and development projects concerning waste management systems and waste-to-energy in Finland and in co-operation with several Russian and other international partners. LUT’s research group of waste management is focusing on system analysis of waste management from the sustainability point of view.
Mika Horttanainen, mika.horttanainen(at)

belomport“Belomorskiy Port” JSC is involved in practical implementation of the project findings serving as a test-site in utilizing marine bioresources for green energy and biofuel production. It is to represent an industry/business sector in discovering new schemes of cooperation between different stakeholders.
Andrei Kyachin, belport(at)

mariproduct_“Mariproduct” JSC is involved in the demonstration component in introduction innovative and efficient solutions to recycle aquatic biological resources and aquatic organism biowastes. It is also to provide practical expertise and facilities for demonstration the developed schemes and practical applications in waste collection, treatment and logistics solutions for energy production from algae bioresources and fish waste. It will and immediately accompany and direct coordination of on-the-spot energy production pilot’s development and implementation.
Alexander Pozin, mariproduct(at)