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AQUAREL networking with Karelia ENPI CBC Forest & Energy projects

AQUAREL’s representatives participated in the Karelia ENPI CBC Forest & Energy project meeting / theme seminar in Nurmes, Finland 19th-20th November 2013. The event organised by the Joint Managing Authority (JMA) of the Karelia ENPI programme brought together total 27 projects that were all separately presented. The event provided the participants a good forum for mutual learning and networking, and sharpened the understanding of the JMA’s expectations regarding project results and dissemination activities.

AQUAREL’s presentation at the event

Theme seminar material at the Karelia ENPI CBC Programme’s website


Visibility for AQUAREL in St Petersburg

AQUAREL was presented at the 7th Russian Forum of Graduate and Post-Graduate Students and Early Career Scientists “Science and Innovations in Technical Universities” in St. Petersburg on 17.10.2013.

The Forum was organized by the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

Collaboration projects: APROPOS (FP7)

The AQUAREL partner Ecofoster Group Ltd. participates the project “APROPOS – Added value from high oil and high protein industrial co-streams”. APROPOS is financed by the EU’s 7th Framework Programme by research and development and the consortium consists of 17 research partners and companies from the EU, North America, Africa and India.

The projects’ representatives from Ecofoster, Culmentor, VTT, Sintef, Nutrimar and Sybimar met at Uusikaupunki, Finland, 13th June 2013 to see the progress of the Sybimar’s innovative closed circulation concept construction.

Check the recently-published piece of news about AQUAREL at the APROPOS website.


AQUAREL added to a Finnish development project database

Project Gallery is a map-form database of publicly-funded research and development projects participated by Finnish organisations.

A brief description of AQUAREL has been added to the gallery, the project can be found amongst the “New energy solutions” projects.

Have a look: Project Gallery; language can be changed to English at the upper right corner of the page.

Direct link to AQUAREL information in the Gallery (sometimes slow to download)