AQUAREL“Aquatic resources for green energy realization” (KA397) is a project financed by the Karelia ENPI CBC Programme. The project’s main goal is to develop energy production from fish waste and aquatic biomaterial, improving the state of environment and reducing the load on ecosystem in the Republic of Karelia. The project applies integrated innovative solutions that combine energy and biofuel production with aquatic waste handling technologies. The project implemented by Finnish and Karelian companies and research and development organisations started in October 2012 and will last for 24 months.

The AQUAREL concept developed in the project will include optimization of waste collection, logistics, biofuel production and energy production. The project concentrates on developing a sustainable operational, technical and financial environment for local fish farmers and other aquatic biomaterial (e.g. algae) producers. In order to ensure the functioning and feasibility of the developed AQUAREL concept and methods, the whole production chain of green energy will be demonstrated in real conditions in Karelia. Also relevant funding sources will be mapped for guaranteeing the continuity of the activities started by the partner companies during the project.

The overall objectives of the AQUAREL project are

  • To develop and introduce an innovative and efficient concept for green energy production and recycling of bio-waste to fish farms and other local actors in the Karelia ENPI CBC programme area. The concept will include both technical and economic solutions for green energy production and for the needed investments.
  • To significantly reduce the environmental impact caused by bio waste disposal.
  • To initiate an ideological change in the way bio-waste is perceived amongst local entrepreneurs i.e. to view bio-waste as a valuable commodity

Information about AQUAREL on the Karelia ENPI CBC website

Karelia ENPI CBC programme

The Karelia ENPI CBC Programme is a cross-border cooperation programme implemented in the regions Kainuu, North Karelia and Oulu in Finland and in the republic of Karelia in Russia. The key objective of the programme is to increase wellbeing in the programme region with cross-border cooperation.